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We wish you a warm welcome to our exciting new website. The website is designed to be user friendly and assist you for a more efficient service.

NLG Brokers CC was formed by Nad L Govender in 1997 from ground zero and has since grown. It is not the quality of the client base but the personalised services that we offer. Most of our clients about 90% of them have been with us since the inception of the company and have grown with us. They also started at the bottom end of the ladder and are now multi million rand conglomerates. It is indeed a rags to riches experience. From humility to greater humility.

At NLG Brokers CC we offer and design personalised insurance brokers services and risk management services to protect your assets and business. Our motivation is that, the stronger you grow the more profitable for both of us.

Senior management has a combined experience of over 55 years in the insurance industry thus you have the professionalism and know how of how the industry operates.

Mission statement

We identify our clients’ specific needs and perform a needs analysis and offer professional and personalised advice. We are affiliated to superior insurers thus offering you superior products. Were required we use professional companies to do property valuations and assessment services.

Our services

We are an authorised Financial Services Provider transacting all classes of Short Term Insurance. We have agencies with major insurance companies.

Short Term Insurance

  • Commercial / Business Insurance
  • Domestic / Personal Insurances
  • Motor / Fleet Insurance
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance
  • Marine Insurance

The company also offers a wide range of consulting and administrative services to assist manage your business and assist staff.

The following is what we undertake to do

  • The buck stops with us. We take responsibility for our actions.
  • We assure you of honesty and integrity in our services.
  • Our services record speaks for itself as we are passionate about people, and most importantly happy and satisfied people.
  • We look at all the reasons why it can be done.
  • We believe in abundance. There is enough for all of us. We give to the less fortunate.